Renaming a Tileset

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A tileset .arc file cannot be renamed "as-is", without renaming some of its contents. The following tutorial will show the required steps.


-Your NSMBWii or NewerSMBW tileset .arc file, the tileset type can be Pa0, Pa1, Pa2, and Pa3.

-Any U8 .arc file archive editor that can rename files, inside the .arc file.


Step 1

Open the tileset .arc file with your U8 file archive editor. Open the folders of the .arc file: BG_chk, BG_tex, and BG_unt.

Step 2

You should see these files inside the .arc file:

  • d_bgchk_PaX_{TilesetName}.bin
  • PaX_{TilesetName}_tex.bin.LZ
  • PaX_{TilesetName}.bin
  • PaX_{TilesetName}_hd.bin

NOTE: X is the tileset type number, followed by "Pa" (Pa0, Pa1, Pa2, or Pa3), where {TilesetName} is the name of the tileset, after, "PaX".

Step 3

Rename those files above, change {TilesetName} to whatever name you want (leave the "PaX_" part of the name, don't change it), then save your changes and exit the U8 file archive editor. Then rename the tileset file to PaX_{TilesetName}.arc (e.g. if you renamed those files above {inside the .arc file} from Pa0_jyotyu to Pa0_testing1, you'll rename the tileset file to Pa0_testing1.arc).

NOTE: To add the renamed tileset file into Reggie!, make sure it's in the Texture folder of the Stage folder in NSMBWii or NewerSMBW, in order for Reggie! to recognize/add it.