Renaming a Tileset

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NOTE: The tutorial was not originally created by me, and was originally created by John Telstra (on RVLution). So credit goes to him for the tutorial (and me for adding extra info, fixing errors, and publishing it here).

Since you cannot rename a tileset .arc file "as-is", without renaming some of it's contents, I've decided to post a tutorial here on how to do it.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

-Your NSMBWii or NewerSMBW tileset .arc file, the tileset type can be Pa0, Pa1, Pa2, and Pa3.

-Any U8 .arc file archive editor that can rename files, inside the .arc file.

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Step 1[edit | edit source]

Open the tileset .arc file with your U8 file archive editor. Open the folders of the .arc file: BG_chk, BG_tex, and BG_unt.

Step 2[edit | edit source]

You should see these files inside the .arc file:

  • d_bgchk_PaX_{TilesetName}.bin
  • PaX_{TilesetName}_tex.bin.LZ
  • PaX_{TilesetName}.bin
  • PaX_{TilesetName}_hd.bin

NOTE: X is the tileset type number, followed by "Pa" (Pa0, Pa1, Pa2, or Pa3), where {TilesetName} is the name of the tileset, after, "PaX".

Step 3[edit | edit source]

Rename those files above, change {TilesetName} to whatever name you want (leave the "PaX_" part of the name, don't change it), then save your changes and exit the U8 file archive editor. Then rename the tileset file to PaX_{TilesetName}.arc (e.g. if you renamed those files above {inside the .arc file} from Pa0_jyotyu to Pa0_testing1, you'll rename the tileset file to Pa0_testing1.arc).

NOTE: To add the renamed tileset file into Reggie!, make sure it's in the Texture folder of the Stage folder in NSMBWii or NewerSMBW, in order for Reggie! to recognize/add it.