Puzzle Tileset Editor

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Puzzle Tileset Editor
Type: Tileset Editor

Puzzle Updated:
Puzzle NSMBW/U:
Puzzle Next:


Stable Release Version: 0.8
Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.
Written in: Python, C/C++
License: GNU GPLv2.

Puzzle Updated (Stable)
Puzzle Next (Beta, AnimTiles)
Puzzle NSMBW/U (Deprecated)
Puzzle Original (Original, Old)

What is Puzzle?

Puzzle is a program for creating and editing tilesets.
Tilesets can be made from scratch by importing an image of predetermined size (384 x 384). Existing tilesets can be edited with ease.
Various behaviors can be set on tiles, as well as core types and collision data. Puzzle also allows to create objects from tiles, and further attributes can be applied to them.

Puzzle Next introduces further features such as animation editing and randomisation editing.

Release Notes

Puzzle Tileset Editor was updated to work with Python 3 and your choice of either Qt for Python (PySide2) or PyQt5. No other changes are included apart from bug fixes.
The Puzzle NSMBW Tileset Editor was created by Tempus.
The Python 3, Qt-for-Python/PyQt5 porting was done by RoadrunnerWMC.
The program is GNU GPL v2 licensed (see license.txt).

As of 2019, PySide2 is much less stable than PyQt5, especially with the imagery-related classes. As such, PyQt5 is recommended over PySide2 at this time.