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Welcome to the NSMBW Modding Database! This wiki is dedicated to storing information related to New Super Mario Bros. Wii modding. This brief introduction precedes a short set of tutorials to get beginners started, and it will try to explain some of the most basic aspects.

Custom levels are unofficial levels made using a level editor, therefore they are not approved or acknowledged by Nintendo. Whoever claims to have a legitimate licence is blatantly lying.

Hacks are full-fledged projects which contain a set of custom levels, but also countless other changes such as graphics, music, world maps, and other elements. Usually, modders start by making simple levels. Once they feel they have enough skill, they can start looking into deeper modifications which allow them to start larger projects.

That being said, if you're just looking to play existing mods, check out this tutorial. If you're looking to start modding the game yourself, feel free to visit the next tutorial to start preparing your modding setup. Have fun!