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Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Mod Type: Full Project
Creator(s): Newer Team, Skawo, Treeki, megazig, Tempus
N° of Worlds: 14
N° of Levels 128
Custom Code: Yes
Custom Assets: Yes
License: GNU GPLv2
Website/Download: Newer Team

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii is a fan-made hack for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a 2D platformer released for the Wii in 2009. Newer, a "full unofficial sequel," has new levels, graphics, music, enemies, and other features, in addition to a greater level amount than the vanilla game. Newer was released on June 7th, 2013.
An updated version, Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Plus, is currently in development.


Mario and friends land on Yoshi's Island, but it doesn't take long before the Princess is missing once more! Looks like Bowser is at it again!

-Opening, Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii


World Name preview/Description/levels
World 1: Yoshi's Island
Yoshi's Map.png
The beginnings of your Newer adventure take you through a ruined temple, a swamp, various forests and more...! With your friendly dinosaur companion at hand, of course.

1-1: Palm Beach

1-2: Yoshi Woods

1-3: Springwater Swamp

1-4: Growing Greenwood

1-Tower: Timber Tower (Giga Fuzzy)

1-5: Fuzzy Canyon

1-6: Rainshed Pond

1-7: Tangle Temple

1-8: Switch Shift Grove

1-Castle: Creepcrack Castle (Giga Fuzzy)

1-Airship: Derelict Airship (Iggy Koopa)

1-!: Yellow Switch Palace

1-Yoshi: Yoshi House

1-Shop: Island Store

1-Challenge: Challenge House A

World 2: Rubble Ruins/Soggy Sewers*
After a trek through the Mushroom Kingdom's finest sewer system, you'll arrive bang in the middle of the sweltering desert. Take shelter from Angry Sun and hope for the best!

2-1: Cactus Cove

2-2*: Gushing Gutter

2-3*: Dripdrop Drains

2-4*: Cascade Chasm

2-Tower*: Pipeline Tower (King Thwomp)

2-5: Barrelband Wilds

2-6: Urchin Seasands

2-7: Windworn Dunes

2-8: Searing Sands

2-9: Pillar Pass

2-Castle: Pyramid Castle (King Thwomp)

2-Airship: Sandship (Roy Koopa)

2-A: Fossil Tunnel

2-Shop: Dusty Drugstore

2-Challenge*: Challenge House B

2-Music: Desert Music House

World 3: Mushroom Peaks 3-1: Chomproller Heights

3-2: Grimymole Mine

3-3: Butterwood Crossing

3-4: Wobbleshroom Bluffs

3-Tower: Burnblaze Tower (Ricky Wrench)

3-5: Fungi Pit

3-6: Bubble Basin

3-7: Slanty Shroomroad

3-Castle: Moltenwire Castle (Ricky Wrench)

3-Airship: Capshroom Airship (Morton Koopa Jr.)

3-Shop: Mountain Mall

3-Challenge: Challenge House C

3-Music: Mushroom Music House

World 4: Sakura Village 4-1: Bamboo Steppes

4-2: Flipblock Orchard

4-3: Cherry Falls

4-4: Petal Lake

4-Tower: Blossom Tower (Samerguy)

4-5: Vine Chasm

4-6: Rooftop Hop

4-7: Thunder Bridge

4-Castle: Samurai Castle (Samerguy)

4-Airship: Nutscrew Airship (Lemmy Koopa)

4-A: Hilltop Town

4-!: The Green Switch Palace

4-Shop: Sakura Souvenirs

4-Challenge: Challenge House D

4-Music: Village Music House

World 5: Freezeflame Glacier/Freezeflame Volcano* 5-1: Snowfield Tundra

5-2: Snowball Field

5-3: Frosty Highlands

5-4: Frostbite Ridge

5-5: Snowfall Peak

5-Tower: Crystalfrost Tower (Pyro & Cryo)

5-6: Molten Icelifts

5-7*: Penguin Heatbath

5-8*: Magma Iceburrow

5-9*: Glacier Lavalake

5-Castle: Chillsear Castle (Pyro & Cryo)

5-Airship: Snowdrift Airship (Wendy O Koopa)

5-A*: Lavafrost Cavern

5-Shop: Glacial Market

5-Music*: Frosty Music House

World 6: Pumpkin Boneyard 6-1: Bonechill Shaft

6-2: Pumpkin Road

6-3: Fog Cemetery

6-Tower: Spookloft Tower (Boolossus)

6-4: Glowlit Manor

6-5: Moonlit Woods

6-6: Cawcaw Treeway

6-7: Drenched Gloomlake

6-8: Buried Boneyard

6-Castle: Delusion Castle (Boolossus)

6-Airship: Shipwreck Galleon (Larry Koopa)

6-A: Colossus House

6-Shop: Haunted Emporium

6-Challenge: Challenge House E

6-Music: Haunted Music House

World 7: Sky Mountain*/Starry Skies 7-1*: Shy Guy Peaks

7-2*: Paratroopa Peaks

7-3*: Beanstalk Ascent

7-4: Spacedust Heap

7-Tower: Electron Tower (Mega Topman)

7-5: Asteroid Belt

7-6: Spintop Nebula

7-7: Star Haven

7-8: Starfruit Garden

7-Castle: Novastar Castle (Mega Topman)

7-Airship: Spaceship Koopa (Ludwig Von Koopa)

7-!: The Blue Switch Palace

7-Shop: Starbucks

7-Challenge: Challenge House F

World 8: Koopa Planet*/Koopa Core 8-1*: Battalion Frontier

8-2*: Jet Airship

8-3*: Burnstone Flowfalls

8-Tower*: Factory Tower

8-4*: Molten Airship

8-Castle*: Bowser's Castle

8-Train: Underground Railroad

8-6: Volcano Rapids

8-7: Magmaworks Factory

8-Tower 2: Pendulum Tower (Kamek)

8-8: Eruption Crater

8-9: Ironworks Forge

8-Bowser's Castle: Bowser's Keep (Bowser, Captain Bowser)

8-A: Dragonride Firesea

8-Challenge: Challenge House G

World 9: Special World 9-1: Red Lava

9-2: Brown Forest

9-3: Orange Prairie

9-4: Yellow Beach

9-5: Mossdeep Greens

9-6: Blue Chilldesert

9-7: Navyblue Molemine

9-8: Purple Sewer

9-9: Grey Mountains

9-10: Black Clappers

World A: Goldwood Forest
The path to this secret world is hidden somewhere among Yoshi's Island... can you find it? There's five secret worlds in all for you to uncover!

A-1: Autumn Plateau

A-2: Appletree Woods

A-3: Fall Harvest

A-Fortress: Leafpile Fortress

A-A: Goldbuzz Forest

A-Shop: Fallmart

A-Music: Goldwood Music House

World B: Mini-Mega Island B-1: Mighty Meadow

B-2: Pintsized Plains

B-3: Troopashell Track

B-4: Cheepcheep Creek

B-Fortress: Formidable Fortress

B-Music: Minimega Music House

World C: Sky City C-1: Manta Raid

C-2: Nimbus Highway

C-3: Parabeetle Peril

C-4: Sprocket Skies

C-Tower: Clockwork Tower

World D: Crystal Caves D-1: Swooper Cellar

D-2: Toxic Wigglershift

D-3: Spine Springs

D-Fortress: Toxic Fortress

D-A: Carapace Catacomb

D-!: The Red Switch Palace

D-Challenge: Challenge House H

D-Music: Crystal Music House

World E: Bombard Cliffs E-1: Bombshell Bridge

E-2: Fallout Footbridge

E-3: Bombassault Gorge

Hammer Power-Up

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii adds a new power-up unavailable in the original game, the Hammer. Collecting it gives the character the Hammer form, which was first seen in Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES. It allows the player to throw hammers like the Hammer Bros. These hammers can defeat some enemies that are invulnerable to fireballs, such as Chain Chomps, Lava Bubbles, Fishbones, Boos, and Thwomps. Unlike its original appearance, however, the Hammer form has a new color scheme, doesn't prevent the player from sliding down slopes, and can no longer protect a crouching character from fireballs. Additionally, the form was accessed through a Hammer Suit in Super Mario Bros. 3, as opposed to a Hammer.




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An announcement trailer for Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Plus, an "upgraded version" of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, was released on June 7th, 2018 to celebrate Newer's fifth anniversary. The name was changed from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Deluxe after New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe was revealed in the September 2018 Nintendo Direct. Plus will feature "updated graphics, new music, polished-up level design... and perhaps a little more" and is currently in development.[1]