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NSMBW Mod ISO Builder v1.06 Builder by damysteryman/Team DARK Powered by WIT v2.22c r4523 by Wiimm

Download(support win10-64) Thanks to Treeki for info on NSMBW dol patching and ISO building Thanks to Wiimm and Hoowahman for Batch file info and assistance Thanks to AbdallahTerro for providing custom Banner DL Repository Credits also to Wiimm for WIT, included in this pack Credits to Bully@Wiiplaza for All Worlds Unlocked cheat hack, which is used in Epic Super Bowser World Special thanks to Wiimm for all his help on this, thanks man :) Also uses wget from cygwin package Also thanks to everybody who provided .dol versions and mod pack files that I did not have

This will combine an ISO copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and riivolution-style packs of any plugins installed, included plugins:

- Another SMBW (by Skawo) - Awesomer Super Luigi Mini (If you have it) - Cannon SMBW (by Leplap and Weland) - Epic Super Bowser World (by Leplap and Weland) - Newer Holiday Special (by NewerTeam) - Koopa Country (by hellofahedgehog) - Newer SMBW (by NewerTeam) - Retro Remix (by RetroRemixTeam) - Newer Summer Sun (by NewerTeam) create a standard ISO/WBFS version of the selected Mod. ISO is now created sparse so as to save hard drive space.

Should work with All EUR and USA versions, and JPN v1 version.

HOWTO: 1. Extract contents of this .zip file to a new working directory. Get your ISO of NSMBW, and copy it to the same directory as this README file.

2. Run Build_ISO.bat, follow its prompts and wait for it to build the Mod ISO.

3. Use/run the newly built ISO/WBFS whatever way you would :P

4. Enjoy!

Generated ISO has Header GameID of: Mod Name GameID AltID Another SMBW: SMN.05 KMA.05 AwesomerSLM: SMN.02 KML.02 Cannon SMBW: SMN.04 KMD.04 Epic Super Bowser World: SMN.08 KME.08 Newer Holiday Special: SMN.07 KMH.07 Koopa Country: SMN.10 KMK.10 Newer SMBW: SMN.03 KMW.03 Retro Remix: MMR.09 KMR.09 Newer Summer Sun: SMN.06 KMS.06

Where "." is the letter for your base ISO's region (P for EUR, E for usa, J for JPN).

There is also an option to change the tmd/ticket ID to KMNx, AltID or Manual Entry to keep savegames separate from the original game's one in Data Management.

Also, there is also to option to download a custom banner (.bnr aka "Disc Channel" display) for the ISO/WBFS from AbdallahTerro's repository, or provide your own. Your .bnr files go in the "banners" folder, with the Mod's GameID as its filename (e.g. SMN.03.bnr for Newer).

Possible Known Issue: I believe I have resolved this, but have not tested. .iso output seems to be bugged for some people, the resulting .iso is good for use by backup manager to transfer to USB HDD, but trying to load it directly (via burned disc, or emulator, etc.) seems to fail, unsure why. .wbfs output file seems to work perfectly though.



  • changelog format: + Added feature, - Removed feature, * Changed feature

+ all new code, total rewrite + auto update to most recent version if available after prompt + base plugin format (date_timestamp.BASE) + support for more than one base at the same time + only extracts needed image

  • base menu is dynamic showing only install bases supported by current mod
  • base menu is disabled if selected mod supports only one installed base (auto selected)
  • new mod plugin format (Filename.PLG)

+ mod plugins for AwesomerSLM (now defunct) and Koopa Country + ability to auto download and install supported riivolution packages + AltIDs for all current plugins + Ability to type custom GameID (ID6) for final image (Will auto set region character) + alt and custom gameID uses proper custom main banner when looking local and download

v1.05 - modularized MOD plugins - Code cleanup for modularization - shows why MOD isn't available (Pack not installed/Base not supported) - probably fixed ISO mode issue

v1.04 - rewrote main batch file pretty much from the ground up to modularize the core - made mod menu detect and allow options for only games you have installed - added support to ignore banner if you want to use NSMBW banner even though you have your own - made autodetect source ISO default with override possible through main menu

v1.03 - added support for Epic Super Bowser World - cleaned up batch file some more - more verbose messages in batch script - added a check to make sure .bnr file is not a 0 byte corrupt empty file - added links as references to which downloads were used to support each Mod - added missing cygiconv-2.dll for wget to package

v1.02 - updated WIT to v2.22c r4523 - removed all traces of Mod Loader code from the patch .xml files, properly reads them from the Mod contents now - added support for user-provided custom banners - added support to download custom banners

v1.01 - .wbfs output now creates a named subfolder for the game and names both the folder and file as per "standard" convention (uses "\name [GAMEID]\GAMEID.wbfs") - fixed Cannon and Summer Sun (stupidly left out one patch by accident) - fixed Another when used with USA NSMBW as a base - cleaned up batch file a bit, along with a few accidental mistakes

NSMBW Mod ISO Builder v1.00 - changed name to NSMBW Mod ISO Builder since it does more than Newer - added support for Cannon, Another, Summer Sun and Holiday Special Mods

v1.02 - fixed a small patch error in the EURv2 .ppf - Added Base ISO Version Autodetect ability - Added option for user to choose Save "Slot" instead of being always custom - Improved .bat UI menus a bit, inc. Title Screen and Option Review Menu - Added a check for the NewerSMBW contents folder

v1.011 - Fixed typo in .bat causing Titlescreen logo not to be replaced on non-EUR versions

v1.01 - Renamed it from Patcher to Builder - Added support for EUR, USA, and JAPv1 - No longer requires ISO to be an exact name - Added ability to select output format from either iso or wbfs - Changed generated ISO's GameID from SMNx02 to SMNx03 to avoid conflict with another existing Custom NSMBW - Fixed an error which would cause German and Dutch versions to break

v1.00 - Initial release