Making Map Tilesets

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Step 1: The Texture

First you need a texture. You can create one yourself or take it from other games. The size of the texture has to be 768 x 384 pixel. In the example below we will create a path tileset. So, we create a 768 x 384 pixel image, and insert the textures. Please note the area doesn't have to be filled completely.

When you are done, save the image as .png.

Step 2: Koopuzzle

Now download Koopuzzle from here:

Open Koopuzzle, go to File > Import Image.

Select your just created image.

And now you can start creating your tileset!

To create an object press Add.

In the Object List you can see all objects you created.

Now click on Object 0 and cut the area with + and -.

You can also set the Repeat setting to define what should happen when the drawn object is bigger than the texture itself. Recommended in most circumstances is Repeat.

Mark the object parts in the box above and insert them by pressing the left mouse button in the area below.

When you have created and edited all the objects you need go to Object Groups and press New Group.

You can name this group as you like and drag the objects into the corresponding group.

Step 3: Import tileset into Koopatlas

When you are satisfied with the tileset, select File > Save as...

Now you save it under a meaningful name like "MountainPaths" in the Tileset folder of Koopatlas.

Then open Koopatlas, click on Add Tile Layer and select your tileset.

And done!

You can now build your worldmap with your new tileset!

Step 4: Import tileset into the game

If you export your worldmap with the new tileset right now, your game will crash, simply because your tileset isn't in the game's files.

Here is the process to follow in order to put your tileset in the game's files:

-Open your tileset with BrawlBox or BrawlCrate

-Right click on the optimizedTexture.bin file, and click Export

-Export the .bin file wherever you want, and rename it to the same name as your tileset (So for example, if your tileset was named MountainPaths.arc, name the file MountainPaths.bin)

-Compress the .bin file using NTCompress or (if you don't, your game will either crash, or will render a very messed up tileset)

-Copy the compressed file in the NewerSMBW > Maps > Texture folder of your game, and make sure it has the correct name (with our example, it would be MountainPaths.bin.LH)

And done!

You can now launch your game and admire your beautiful tileset!