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The level info editor is an editor created by RoadrunnerWMC to edit the LevelInfo.bin file in Newer Super Mario Bros Wii.

World 15

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Installation[edit | edit source]

Open the command prompt and input the file path to python, followed by the file path to the Level Info Editor. It could look something like this:

C:\Python34\python.exe C:\Users\Anonymous\Desktop\level_info_editor.py

This should open a window that looks just like the image at the beginning of the page. Choose File > Insert File or press Ctrl-O and select the LevelInfo.bin to edit. It is recommended to keep a backup in case there are problems.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The world options pane is for setting the number and name of the world. The first world, Yoshi's Island, has a hardcoded name. There is also an option to split the world into two halves with a separate name for each. The levels pane allows for the addition and removal of levels from the world. Levels can then be named with a title and a display number. The display number does not have to match the file number. For example, level 02-27 in Newer Super Mario Bros Wii comes from the file 02-38. In this pane, exit types for the level can also be chosen via checkboxes. This choice affects the color of the level when completed. The lowest checkbox determines whether or not the level is shown in the starcoin menu. Lastly, the level must be in either the first half or the second half of the world, and this can be chosen with the lowest option. Lastly, the comments pane allows the user to add comments to the entire file.