Font Editing

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-A Windows PC

-A program that can edit/replace .tpl image files (I'd recommend BrawlBox, download here)

-BRFNT2TPL (download here)

-An image editor

-A program that can view .brfnt font files (I'd recommend BRFNTify Next, download here)

-Your .brfnt font files


Step 1

Drag and drop your .brfnt file into the BRFNT2TPL.EXE file. When it's finished, you'll get a .tpl file (which are the images), and a .vbfta file (the file used to store the informations of the .brfnt file, which is necessary to reconvert the .tpl image back to .brfnt format).

NOTE: To prevent your .brfnt file from being corrupted during reconversion:

  • The images in the .tpl file must have the same width and height.
  • The images in the .tpl file must use the same image format (and an image format that isn't palette based).
  • The images in the .tpl file must not be compressed in any way.
  • The .tpl file image count must not change.
  • The .tpl file must not have mipmaps. Use the latest version of BrawlBox to show the correct mipmaps, as older versions may show an incorrect number.

Step 2

Open the .tpl file in BrawlBox and export the .tpl texture images to .png format, then edit them with your image editor.

Step 3

In BrawlBox, replace each of the texture images of the .tpl file with the .png files you edited, and click Okay. Then save your changes.

Step 4

Select the .tpl file and the .vbfta file (of your .brfnt font) and drag them both into the BRFNT2TPL.EXE file to reconvert the .tpl file back to .brfnt format.

Step 5

To preview your changes and to make sure your .brfnt file isn't corrupted, in BRFNTify Next, click File --> Open..., and select your newly-modified .brfnt file to preview it.