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In order to edit the Shops of Newer Super Mario Bros Wii, you need to know how to compile NewerSMBW's source code.

Step 1: Opening the File Which Contains the Code of the Shop


In the Newer Source Code, go to the folder


if you're using the master branch of Newer Source Code.

If you're using the no-translations branch, it will be


If you've done this correctly, you'll see this folder:

Now, open the shop.cpp file with Notepad++ or another text-editing software.

Step 2: Editing the Shops

Shop Contents

Shop.cpp content.png

In the shop.cpp file, go the the 428th line and you'll see what the shops contains:

Now, you just need to replace the power-ups values, which are:

MUSHROOM for the red mushroom.

FIRE_FLOWER for the fire flower.

ICE_FLOWER for the ice flower.

PROPELLER for the propeller shroom.

PENGUIN for the penguin suit.

MINI_SHROOM for the mini mushroom.

HAMMER for the hammer suit.

STARMAN for the invincibility star.

ONE-UP for the 1UP mushroom.


Shop ingame-incode.png

Every shop is made with 12 items. You can see the prices here:

As you can see, they have the same "order" in the game and in the code.

Now, just edit the power-ups values in the code.

You can also edit the shop name by editing the LevelInfo.bin file with the Level Info Editor, it don't need any code, just the Level Info Editor.

You can also edit the lakitu 3d model, they are in the lakitu.arc file of the Object/SpriteTex folder of the game

You can also edit the textures of the shops, which are in the shop.arc file of the Layout/Layouts folder of the game

Step 3: Compiling & Finishing

Now, you just need to compile your edited source code. After recompiling it, just copy the bin files into your NewerRes folder and launch the game, now you can see the edited shops you just made!