Cheat Codes in Riivolution

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Cheat codes are codes which allow players access to advantages such as extra lives, but also provide alternative ways to enjoy a game, like increasing its difficulty or even adding entirely new features. While loading cheat codes isn't officially supported by Riivolution, there's a patch that will allow you to use them. Please note that some mods, such as Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, feature code edits that conflict with this patch, and will therefore cause the game to crash.


Collecting Cheats

If you already have the codes you're looking for, skip this section.

Open Notepad and type the following, each in a new line:

  • SMNX01 : The game's ID. Replace X with your region, look here for more details.
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii : The title of the game.

Now you can start looking for codes. A good cheat code site is GeckoCodes (make sure the ID in the link matches with the one you put in Notepad). Copy and paste cheats until you're satisfied with the result, then save the file. Below is an example of a cheat code text file:


Exporting the Codes

If you already have a .gct file to use, skip this section.

Once the text file is ready, it must be converted to a format the Wii can read, which is done through the CodeManager tool. Open it, and press File > Open TXT file, then select the .txt file you created earlier. Make sure to insert the SD Card/USB Drive into your computer, as the cheats will be exported there later on.


Now that the file is imported, enable your cheats by toggling the checkboxes. While doing this, pay attention to the number at the bottom-right of the window, as it indicates how many lines long the exported file will be. If this number is bigger than 255 Riivolution will crash, so make sure to stay within the limit.


When you're done enabling cheats, press File > Export to GCT. In the window that appears, make sure that the selected device is your SD Card/USB Drive, then press Store to export the file. Press OK to the message that appears, then close the tool.


Loading the Patch

As mentioned before, Riivolution doesn't support loading cheats natively, so a special patch is required. Extract the file you downloaded earlier on the root of the SD Card/USB Drive, and overwrite if asked (again, if you're using the Advanced XML you don't need to do this).

Put the device back into your Wii and open Riivolution. Set Ocarina Handler to any option (VI Hook is recommended), then set Ocarina Codes to Enabled. Press Launch to start the game.