Changing the Save Filename

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-An XML or text editor (I'd recommend PSPad, download here)

-An ASCII string to hex converter (I'd recommend this website here)

-A USB or SD Device to launch NewerSMBW

-Riivolution and Wii or Wii U


Step 1

Go to the string to hex converter website. Make sure the optional delimiter string box is empty (by clicking on the box and hitting the backspace key on the keyboard). Put the name you want in the ASCII string input box, it has to be 7 characters long, not more, or less, since the game overwrites every character in the original save file name it uses. And don't add the .sav extension at the end of the name.

For an example, we'll use the text "Example" (without quotes), for the name. Click the convert button on the website, and you should see the hex values in the hex output box, then copy the hex values.

Step 2

Open the NewerSMBW.xml file with the XML or text editor, and find these lines:

<!-- Save name change -->
<!--PAL--><memory offset="0x802F148C" value="4E6572534d4257" original="7769696D6A3264" />
<!--NTSC--><memory offset="0x802F118C" value="4E6572534d4257" original="7769696D6A3264" />
<!--JPN--><memory offset="0x802F0FAC" value="4E6572534d4257" original="7769696D6A3264" />

Paste the hex string output into all the value="" attributes. The changes should now look like this:

<!-- Save name change -->
<!--PAL--><memory offset="0x802F148C" value="4578616d706c65" original="7769696D6A3264" />
<!--NTSC--><memory offset="0x802F118C" value="4578616d706c65" original="7769696D6A3264" />
<!--JPN--><memory offset="0x802F0FAC" value="4578616d706c65" original="7769696D6A3264" />

Step 3

Save the NewerSMBW.xml file. Now delete the /save folder on the root of your SD or USB Device. Make sure to backup the /save folder first before deleting it from your SD or USB Device.

Step 4

Launch NewerSMBW up. When it prompts you that the save file was created, click OK. When the screen goes black, turn off your Wii or Wii U, plug in the SD or USB Device into your computer. Open the /save folder (and then the SMNE, SMNP, or SMNJ folder), and your save name change should appear.