Changing the Exception Handler Message

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In order to edit the Exception Handler Message of Newer Super Mario Bros Wii, you need to know how to compile NewerSMBW's source code.

Tutorial written by User:RedStoneMatt, and slightly edited by User:9211tr.

Step 1: Opening the File which contains the Exception Handler Message

Randomcrap.S location.png

In the Newer Source Code, go to the folder:


if you're using the master branch of Newer Source Code.

If you're using the no-translations branch, it will be:


If you've done this correctly, you'll see this folder:

Now, open the randomcrap.S file with Notepad++ or another text-editing software.

Step 2: Editing the Exception Handler Message


In the randomcrap.S file, go the the 615th line and you'll see the Exception Handler Message:

Now, you just have to edit the text. In order to go to the next line, use \n. In order to add a left slash character, use \\. In order to add a double quote character, use \".

Here is an example of an edited Exception Handler Message:

.string "OOF! \"MyHack\" has crashed.\nPlease take a screenshot of the info below,\nsave it where you want and do what you want with it\nsince nobody cares about it\nYou can scroll through this report using the D-Pad.\n"

Step 3: Compiling

Now, you just need to compile your edited source code. After recompiling it, just copy the bin files into your NewerRes folder and launch the game.

Step 4: How to see the edited Exception Handler Message

On a real Wii or Wii U

The easiest way, simply make an error in the file you want in your Newer Source code and launch the game. If the error you made crashes the game, you'll see the edited Exception Handler Message you just made.

The quicker way, without modifying the Newer Source code, is to use this save file pack here. Read the readme.txt file in the pack before doing anything.

On a Wii Emulator (Dolphin)

Open Dolphin


Click View > Show Log and View > Show Log Configuration.


A window will appear, Click Log Configuration and then click Toggle All Log Types.


Then, click Log and you'll be able to see the logs of the game.

Now, make an error in a Newer Sources file. Launch the game, if the error you made crashes the game, two things can happen: Most of the time, Dolphin will just show some errors and crashes, but if you're very lucky, you'll see the Exception Handler Message in the logs of the game.