Changing Music House Songs

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Here is a tutorial to edit the Music House Songs from NewerSMBW in the most efficient way. To follow this tutorial, you will need to be able to know how to compile NewerSMBW's source code.

Credits and Release Information

Tutorial wrote by RedStoneMatt.
NewerSMBW Source Code by Treeki
NewerSMBW Music Challenge Generator mainly by RedStoneMatt
Last Update: July 6th 2020 22:43 CET


-A PC (duh)

-A working NewerSMBW Source Code instance

-The NewerSMBW Music Challenge Generator (WARNING: This tool is in a VERY EARLY BETA state, so make sure to often save your file to avoid loosing progress due to a crash.)

Step 1: Opening the needed file


Run the NewerSMBW Music Challenge Generator.

Click on "File", then "Open File..." and select the bonusRoom.cpp file located in the src folder of your NewerSMBW Source Code instance.

Step 2: Editing the Songs

Song Structure & Properties

Each Song has an ID (optional), a name (optional), a tempo and a difficulty (optional).

They are composed of 4 Sequences.

Each Sequence contains 1 to 15 Notes

Each Note contains three informations: -The noteblock it will use

-The SFX it will use

-Its "timing"

Here is how the note timing works:

A note will wait its timing value minus the previous note's timing value, all of this multiplied by the song's tempo of frames before being played.

I know it doesn't sound clear, so here's an example:

If the previous note's timing was 12

If the current note's timing is 16

If the song's tempo is 13

Then the note will wait ((16 - 12) * 13) = 52 frames before being played, after the last note was played.

Since the game runs at 60 frames per second, then the note will wait 52/60 ≈ 0.866 seconds before playing after the last note was played.


In the NewerSMBW Music Challenge Generator, select the song you would like to edit on the left list.

The Song's properties should list in the boxes on the right.

You can edit the Song's name and difficulty, if you want to, but that's not needed, it's only if you want to avoid confusion.

You can select the Sequence you want to edit in the Sequence Drop List that is on the right, under the Difficulty Box.

You can also select the note you want to edit in the selected Sequence in the Note Drop List that is on the right, under the sequenceSequence Drop List. The note's values will then show in the boxes under it.

Then you can edit the different properties in the different boxes. You can add and remove notes with the "+" and "-" buttons on the left of the Note Drop List, if you need to.

When you think you're done editing your sequence, preview it by pressing the "Play Sequence" button. You can also play the whole 4 sequences by pressing the "Play Song" button.


When you're done editing what you wanted to edit, Click "File", then click "Save".

The NewerSMBW Music Challenge Generator should freeze for some seconds, depending of the writing speed of the device where the source file is in.

When it's done saving, you can close the NewerSMBW Music Challenge Generator.

Step 3: Compiling & Finishing

Now, you just need to compile your edited source code. Then move the compiled files in the NewerRes folder of your game, and launch it! Go in the Music House you put your song on, and have fun playing it !