475: Path Controlled Ice Floe

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475: Path Controlled Ice Floe
475 ice floe 12.png475 ice floe 3.png475 ice floe 2.png475 ice floe 11.png475 ice floe 0.png475 ice floe 1.png475 ice floe 10.png475 ice floe 5.png475 ice floe 4.png475 ice floe 6.png475 ice floe 7.png475 ice floe 9.png475 ice floe 8.png
Main Type(s): n/a
Sub Type(s): n/a
Developer(s): Nintendo


A stand-alone Ice Floe that can travel along an assigned Path.


<sprite id="475" name="Path Controlled Ice Floe" notes="A stand-alone Ice Floe that can travel along an assigned Path." noyoshi="True"> <value comment="This determines the ID of the Path that the Ice Floe will be linked to, although the sprite works fine without one. Additionally, the Ice Floe will move at the speed of the Path it's linked to." idtype="Path" nybble="7" title="Path ID" /> <value comment="This determines the Node of the Path that the Ice Floe will appear at and start moving from." nybble="6" title="Starting Node" /> <list comment="This determines the size of the Ice Floe." nybble="12" title="Size"> <entry value="8">2x4</entry> <entry value="11">2x5</entry> <entry value="0">3x3</entry> <entry value="9">3x4</entry> <entry value="12">3x5</entry> <entry value="3">4x3</entry> <entry value="1">4x4</entry> <entry value="4">5x4</entry> <entry value="2">5x5</entry> <entry value="10">6x7</entry> <entry value="5">7x6</entry> <entry value="7">11x8</entry> <entry value="6">16x11</entry> </list> <checkbox bit="44" comment="When enabled, the Ice Floe will wiggle around as though it is floating on the surface of the water." title="Floating" /> </sprite> </div>