308: Platform Hammer Bro - Newer

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308: Platform Hammer Bro
Developer(s): Newer Team
Source Code: https://github.com/Newer-Team/NewerSMBW


'En_Lift_HammerBros' - Likely allows it to be used on places where he shouldn't jump off.


 <sprite asmhacks="True" id="308" name="Platform Hammer Bro" notes="'En_Lift_HammerBros' - Likely allows it to be used on places where he shouldn't jump off." sizehacks="True">
   <dualbox bit="48" comment="This determines the number of Platforms the AI of the Hammer Bro tries to make use of. See Dependency Notes for more information." title1="Uses 2 Platforms" title2="Uses 1 Platform" />
   <list comment="This determines the color of the Hammer Bro." nybble="6" title="Color">
     <entry value="0">Normal</entry>
     <entry value="1">Black</entry>
   <list comment="This determines which object will be thrown by the Hammer Bro Plus.<br>For values 1-3 and 5, the corresponding sprite must be in the level. Otherwise, the Hammer Bro will crash game on load." nybble="10" title="Thrown Object">
     <entry value="0">Hammers</entry>
     <entry value="1">Bob-omb</entry>
     <entry value="2">Goomba</entry>
     <entry value="3">Spiny</entry>
     <entry value="4">Coins/Random Power-up</entry>
     <entry value="5">Lemmy Ball</entry>