111: Blooper

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111: Blooper
111 blooper.png
Main Type(s): Enemies
Sub Type(s): Water
Developer(s): Nintendo


An underwater enemy that will chase the player.


<sprite id="111" name="Blooper" notes="An underwater enemy that will chase the player."> <dependency notes="Because the Bloopers can be used without Water, if they are placed in anything but an Underwater style level, they will appear to fly rather than swim and not be confined to Location Water, etc." /> <list idtype="Triggering Event" nybble="3-4" title="Triggering Event ID"> <entry value="0">Not Event Triggered</entry> <entry value="1">Event ID 1</entry> <entry value="2">Event ID 2</entry> <entry value="4">Event ID 4</entry> <entry value="6">Event ID 6</entry> <entry value="8">Event ID 8</entry> <entry value="10">Event ID 10</entry> <entry value="12">Event ID 12</entry> <entry value="14">Event ID 14</entry> <entry value="16">Event ID 16</entry> <entry value="18">Event ID 18</entry> <entry value="20">Event ID 20</entry> <entry value="22">Event ID 22</entry> <entry value="24">Event ID 24</entry> <entry value="26">Event ID 26</entry> <entry value="28">Event ID 28</entry> <entry value="30">Event ID 30</entry> <entry value="32">Event ID 32</entry> <entry value="34">Event ID 34</entry> <entry value="36">Event ID 36</entry> <entry value="38">Event ID 38</entry> <entry value="40">Event ID 40</entry> <entry value="42">Event ID 42</entry> <entry value="44">Event ID 44</entry> <entry value="46">Event ID 46</entry> <entry value="48">Event ID 48</entry> <entry value="50">Event ID 50</entry> <entry value="52">Event ID 52</entry> <entry value="54">Event ID 54</entry> <entry value="56">Event ID 56</entry> <entry value="58">Event ID 58</entry> <entry value="60">Event ID 60</entry> <entry value="62">Event ID 62</entry> <entry value="64">Event ID 64</entry> </list> <list bit="19-20" comment="When this is set to an option other than the default, the Blooper will wait for the player to approach before shooting out from behind the terrain." title="Hiding In Wait"> <entry value="0">Already Moving</entry> <entry value="3">Shoots Up and Left</entry> <entry value="1">Shoots Upwards</entry> <entry value="2">Shoots Up and Right</entry> </list> <dualbox bit="20" title1="In Front of Layer 1" title2="Behind Layer 1" /> <list comment="This determines the Blooper's initial movement direction. It then follows Mario as far as it can." nybble="12" requiredbit="19-20" requiredval="0" title="Start Direction"> <entry value="0">Left</entry> <entry value="1">Right</entry> </list> </sprite> </div>