Tanooki Save Editor

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Tanooki Save Editor
Screenshot of the tool:
Type: Save Editor
Developer(s): Vash, Virus
Stable Release Version: 1.2
Operating System: Windows
Written in: C/C++
License: Unknown

Thread on GBA

Once, Tanooki was the first, very simplistic Level Editor for NSMBW. Now it's the only NSMBW save editor!

We've decided against reinventing the wheel (since Reggie! is already so wonderfully round) and instead we've turned Tanooki into the only NSMBWii save editor! We will keep the beta downloads up for those of you who still would like to use our simplistic level editor. 

Functioning/功能[edit | edit source]

This tool can edit NSMBW Saves.

It can also edit Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii items quantity (but it can't change the quantity of the hammer), as well as modify the player status.

Usage Method/使用方法[edit | edit source]

WARNING: Make sure to select the right region in Tanooki that is identical to the save file you want to edit!Else, your file will get corrupted!

It is recommended to backup the save file before editing it with Tanooki.

  • File --> Open
  • Select Slot & Region
  • Change & Edit Your Save
  • Click "Update" button
  • File --> Save

Download/下载[edit | edit source]

This version (1.2) comes with support for 2 languages, en-US by Treeki, zh-CN by 291344208a (Hyper_Marionic)

Download/下载地址:Tanooki Save Editor