Koopatlas Map Editor

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Koopatlas ico2.png Koopatlas Map Editor
Type: Map Editor
Developer(s): Newer Team, Treeki, Tempus
Stable Release Version: 1.0
Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.
Written in: Python
License: GNU GPLv2.

Koopatlas (Original, by Treeki)
KoopatlasNext (Fork, by LoryTheGamer)

Koopatlas was developed by Treeki, Tempus, and the Newer Team accompanying the release of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii.
The program allows to edit maps for Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii that were made by the tool itself. It cannot edit original NSMBW maps, as they are completely different and are made from models.
Custom tilesets can be imported, and even simple animation can be added.
Koopatlas supports multiple tileset layers, plus a separate layer for paths. Unlock criteria can be set on paths to fine-tune what happens, when a player finishes a stage.

With the World Editor it is also possible to set various other attributes, for example some HUD colors, and world names.


Koopatlas Interface Guide (Newer): Explains all the functions in detail.
Making Map Tilesets (Newer): Making a Map Tileset for Koopatlas with Koopuzzle.
Ripping Content from a KPBIN (Newer): Only .kpmap files can be edited with Koopatlas. Here we show, how to rip content from a .kpbin file that is inaccessible from within Koopatlas.
Editing the Original Maps: Editing the original NSMBW Maps.
Editing Vertex Colors: Editing Map Vertex Colors.