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Cheat Codes in Riivolution

NOTE: The tutorial was not originally created by me, and was originally created by John Telstra (on RVLution). So credit goes to him for the tutorial (and me for adding extra info, fixing errors, and publishing it here).

Now if anyone is bugging on how to run cheat codes in your Wii game using Riivolution, Here’s a brief tutorial on how to do it.

Requirements[edit | edit source]


-SD card w/ at least 1 or 2 GB or USB device.

-The /codes directory on the SD/USB Device, containing the cheat codes in a .gct file.
NOTE: This tutorial doesn't provide any instructions on how to create a .gct file for the cheat codes (I assume you got it all created/ready on your SD/USB device), this tutorial only gives you instructions on how to run the .gct file (containing the cheat codes) using Riivolution.

-The Ocarina cheat code launcher pack for Riivolution (download here).

-Your Wii game (compatible w/ your cheat code you're using).

-A Wii console (I think it also works with Wii U {vWii}).

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Step 1[edit | edit source]

After you have extracted the Riivolution Ocarina cheat code launcher ZIP archive, there should be a folder called /riivolution on the SD or USB device. Open the /riivolution folder up, and it should contain the following files:

Step 2[edit | edit source]

After that, insert your SD or USB device into your Wii, then insert your game disc (that is compatible for the cheat codes) into your Wii, and launch Riivolution up. Enable the following options, as shown in the photo below, then hit Launch:

NOTE: It's recommended to disable other NSMBWii hacks before enabling the options shown in the picture above, as there could be conflicts w/ the cheats and the NSMBWii hacks trying to work at the same time!

After that, the codes should be good and working in the game. For an example, I applied the MoonJump cheat code (for NTSC-U) into NSMBWii. Here’s a preview:

Enjoy putting cheat codes in your game with Riivolution! :)