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Current projects being developed in the Horizon Discord server:

  • Wii
    • Neo Super Mario Bros. Created by Echnox
    • Mario's New Adventure - Created by B1_Gaming
    • Super Mario Forest Frenzy - Created by Koopartist (Radial) and mariomasters1
    • Underwater Super Mario Bros. Created by GoronGuy123
    • Newer Super Mario All-Stars - Created by CLF78
    • Return to Isle Delfino: Shine Sprite Order - Created by wariotails358
    • Project 256 - Created by Gamer Boy
  • 3DS
    • Super Mario Bros. Next - Created by the Next Team
  • Wii U
    • Super Mario Moonlight World - Created by VK77
  • DS
    • Beyond Super Mario Bros. - Created by Hέλιος
  • GC
    • Corona - Created by Shibboleet

New mods will be added when mod's channel is made.