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403: Line Controlled Brick Block
Developer(s): Newer Team
Source Code: https://github.com/Newer-Team/NewerSMBW


A variant of the Brick Block that will ride along Line objects.


 <sprite asmhacks="True" id="403" name="Line Controlled Brick Block" notes="A variant of the Brick Block that will ride along Line objects.">
   <dependency notes="This sprite must be paired with a [236] Use Lines movement controller in order to function.">
     <required sprite="236" />
   <value bit="17-24" comment="When pairing the block with sprite 236 and Lines, match the Line ID to enable Line controlled movement." idtype="Line" title="Line ID" />
   <list comment="This determines the speed that the block will travel along the Line." comment2="Line Controlled objects use the same speed setting across all of them." nybble="7" title="Speed">
     <entry value="4">Very Slow</entry>
     <entry value="5">Slow</entry>
     <entry value="6">Slow+</entry>
     <entry value="0">Medium</entry>
     <entry value="1">Medium+</entry>
     <entry value="2">Fast</entry>
     <entry value="7">Faster</entry>
     <entry value="3">Very Fast</entry>
   <dualbox bit="48" comment="This determines which direction the block will move based on the Line that it is connected to." title1="Start Right/Up" title2="Start Left/Down" />
   <list comment="This determines what item the block contains." comment2="This block will release only one power-up item." nybble="12" title="Block Contains">
     <entry value="0">Empty</entry>
     <entry value="1">1 Coin</entry>
     <entry value="10">10-Coin</entry>
     <entry value="12">Mushroom</entry>
     <entry value="14">Mushroom (if small)</entry>
     <entry value="3">Fire Flower</entry>
     <entry value="15">Ice Flower</entry>
     <entry value="4">Propeller Shroom</entry>
     <entry value="5">Penguin Suit</entry>
     <entry value="2">Hammer Suit</entry>
     <entry value="6">Mini Mushroom</entry>
     <entry value="7">Star</entry>
     <entry value="8">Continuous Star</entry>
     <entry value="9">Yoshi Egg</entry>
     <entry value="11">1-Up</entry>
     <entry value="13">Spring</entry>