31: Basic Platform - Vertical Movement

31: Basic Platform - Vertical Movement
Main Type(s): Platforms and Hazards, Events and Special
Sub Type(s): Basic Platforms - Flat, Event Controllable Objects
Developer(s): Nintendo


The most basic platform in the game. Moves on its own, upwards and downwards.


<sprite id="31" name="Basic Platform - Vertical Movement" notes="The most basic platform in the game. Moves on its own, upwards and downwards."> <dualbox advanced="True" advancedcomment="Instead of the normal model, a texture from boss_koopa_lift.arc can be used. Replacing this model will result in custom textures for the platform." bit="27" title1="Normal Model" title2="boss_koopa_lift.arc" /> <dualbox bit="28" comment="This determines the color of the platform." requiredbit="27" requiredval="0" title1="Gold Platform" title2="Silver Platform" /> <dualbox bit="28" comment="This determines which model within boss_koopa_lift.arc will be used." requiredbit="27" title1="Model#1" title2="Model#2" /> <value comment="This determines the width of the platform." nybble="12" title="Width" /> <dualbox bit="32" comment="This determines which direction the platform will initially start moving in." title1="Stars moving Up" title2="Starts moving Down" /> <value comment="This determines the distance the platform will move." nybble="10" title="Movement Distance" /> <dualbox advancedcomment="The exact speed difference between the two speeds is a 5:9 ratio." bit="24" comment="This determines the speed the platform will move." title1="Fast" title2="Slow" /> <checkbox bit="20" comment="When enabled, the platform will only appear if the Triggering Event ID is activated." title="Event Activated" /> <value bit="10-16" idtype="Triggering Event" requiredbit="20" title="Triggering Event ID" /> </sprite> </div>