212: Rolling Hill

212: Rolling Hill
Main Type(s): Platforms and Hazards
Sub Type(s): Movement Synced, Environmental Hazards - General
Developer(s): Nintendo


A rotating circle that has the same general appearance as various tilesets.


<sprite id="212" name="Rolling Hill" notes="A rotating circle that has the same general appearance as various tilesets."> <dependency notes="The underside of a Rolling Hill does NOT have collision. Do not place a Rolling Hill in any situation where the player would have contact with the bottom 50% of the hill."> <suggested sprite="212" /> </dependency> <list bit="26-28" comment="This determines the style and size of the Rolling Hill." title="Style / Size"> <entry value="0">Flexible Size (Grassland)</entry> <entry value="1">18 Blocks (Overworld)</entry> <entry value="2">32 Blocks (Overworld)</entry> <entry value="3">50 Blocks (Overworld)</entry> <entry value="4">64 Blocks (Underground)</entry> <entry value="5">10 Blocks (Volcano)</entry> <entry value="6">14 Blocks (Volcano)</entry> <entry value="7">20 Blocks (Volcano)</entry> </list> <value comment="This determines the size of the Rolling Hill when using Flexible Size" nybble="9-10" requiredbit="26-28" requiredval="0" title="Custom Size" /> <value comment="This determines the rotation speed of the Rolling Hill. A value of 5 matches Mario's running speed, so use of higher values isn't recommended." nybble="11" title="Speed" /> <dualbox bit="48" comment="This determines which direction the Rolling Hill rolls." title1="Rotates Counter-Clockwise" title2="Rotates Clockwise" /> <value comment="This determines the relative Z-Order placement of the Rolling Hill when compared to other Rolling Hills." comment2="If you have multiple Rolling Hills overlapping each other, you must use this setting to prevent graphical glitches. Rolling Hills with a higher Z-Order number will show behind those with a lower number." nybble="8" title="Z-Order" /> <value comment="This pairs matching Rolling Hill Coins to this hill." idtype="Hill" nybble="5-6" title="Hill ID" /> </sprite> </div>