107: (Unused) Rotation Controlled Solid Platform

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107: (Unused) Rotation Controlled Solid Platform
Main Type(s): Events and Special
Sub Type(s): Incomplete / Beta
Developer(s): Nintendo


"En_Lift_Rotation_Half". A Rotation Controlled block that works quite well. Flag x08 + x02 (x0A) (Unique Flag).


<sprite id="107" name="(Unused) Rotation Controlled Solid Platform" notes=""En_Lift_Rotation_Half". A Rotation Controlled block that works quite well. Flag x08 + x02 (x0A) (Unique Flag)."> <list bit="36-40" comment="This determines the width of the platform in blocks." title="Width"> <entry value="0">1 block</entry> <entry value="1">2 blocks</entry> <entry value="2">3 blocks</entry> <entry value="3">4 blocks</entry> <entry value="4">5 blocks</entry> <entry value="5">6 blocks</entry> <entry value="6">7 blocks</entry> <entry value="7">8 blocks</entry> <entry value="8">9 blocks</entry> <entry value="9">10 blocks</entry> <entry value="10">11 blocks</entry> <entry value="11">12 blocks</entry> <entry value="12">13 blocks</entry> <entry value="13">14 blocks</entry> <entry value="14">15 blocks</entry> <entry value="15">16 blocks</entry> <entry value="16">17 blocks</entry> <entry value="17">18 blocks</entry> <entry value="18">19 blocks</entry> <entry value="19">20 blocks</entry> <entry value="20">21 blocks</entry> <entry value="21">22 blocks</entry> <entry value="22">23 blocks</entry> <entry value="23">24 blocks</entry> <entry value="24">25 blocks</entry> <entry value="25">26 blocks</entry> <entry value="26">27 blocks</entry> <entry value="27">28 blocks</entry> <entry value="28">29 blocks</entry> <entry value="29">30 blocks</entry> <entry value="30">31 blocks</entry> <entry value="31">32 blocks</entry> </list> <value comment="Works with both Swaying and Spinning." nybble="11-12" title="Rotation ID" /> </sprite> </div>